The Original Cat's Trapeze :: 3-pillow

Product image 1The Original Cat's Trapeze :: 3-pillow
Product image 2The Original Cat's Trapeze :: 3-pillow
Product image 3The Original Cat's Trapeze :: 3-pillow
Product image 4The Original Cat's Trapeze :: 3-pillow
Product image 5The Original Cat's Trapeze :: 3-pillow
Product image 6The Original Cat's Trapeze :: 3-pillow

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Kittens and active cat breeds love to climb; it's their natural instinct. Now you can save your furniture and curtains by giving them something designed just for them: the original Cat's Trapeze. This unique suspended cat climber and lounge provides active cats with a place to play and climb, plus a soft spot to rest.

► Provides an alternative to climbing curtains and furniture
► Challenges cats with height and movement
► Attractive to curious cats
► Contributes to your cat's overall fitness
► Creates a soft spot for napping
► Attaches easily to the wall or ceiling
► Comes with bonus hammock and sisal rope for hanging
► Made from durable, all natural cotton or jute fabric
► Machine washable

Styles and Dimensions

The Cat's Trapeze comes with a bonus hammock that attaches to the bottom of the trapeze. The 3-pillow trapeze measures approximately 4.5 feet, not including the hammock, with the two bottom cushions each measuring approximately 24 inches in diameter and the upper cushion measuring approximately 20 inches.

Also available in 2-pillow style


Choose from either a heavy duty cotton canvas or an open weave jute fabric. The cotton offers a more refined look while the open weave of the jute allows cats to sink their claws in and get a good grip on the fabric for easier climbing.

Filling The Cat's Trapeze

Inner pillows for stuffing the trapeze are sold separately. The trapeze can be stuffed with your own throw pillows, or you can use old towels, recycled clothes or crumpled newspapers placed inside a pillowcase.

> Purchase inner pillows here

    Hanging The Cat's Trapeze

    There are several different options for hanging the Cat's Trapeze. To create the most movement, hang the trapeze from a ceiling-mounted hook positioned away from the walls. To create less movement, position the ceiling-mounted hook near a wall or in a corner.

    Wall-mounted hooks or over-the-door hooks, similar to those shown above, can also be used to hang the Cat's Trapeze against a wall or door. Over-the-door hooks for use with the 1- pillow and 2-pillow trapeze only. All ceiling- or wall-mounted hardware must be properly secured into wooden studs/beams or mounted with heavy duty wall anchors.

    The Cat's Trapeze comes with a hammock that attaches under the bottom pillow, creating an extra napping spot. The trapeze also includes a small piece of sisal rope that is used to bind the trapeze straps together and attach to the mounting hardware. A longer piece of sisal rope can also be used to hang the trapeze. This will allow you to adjust the height of the trapeze.

    The Cat's Trapeze is designed to hold up to 55 lbs. when it is properly mounted. Do not use the Cat's Trapeze with senior cats or with cats that have agility or mobility issues.

    Care Instructions

    COTTON - The cotton Cat's Trapeze and hammock can be machine washed at 104° F (40° C) after removing the inner pillows or stuffing. We recommend air drying and warm iron as needed. The cotton trapeze cover will shrink slightly after washing. Do not machine dry, this will cause the trapeze cover to shrink considerably.

    JUTE - Hand wash only or spot clean. Air dry.

    The Cat's Trapeze is designed by Esther Van der Wurff and manufactured by Van der Wurff Produkties, The Netherlands. The Cat's Trapeze is sold in the United States by Hauspanther LLC.

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