CatCabs by Hauspanther & Allred Guitars

These unique cat hideaways are a collaboration between Hauspanther and Allred Guitars. Mark Allred, certified luthier (and Kate's husband) creates beautiful, handmade speaker cabinets for guitar players. Sometimes cats crawl inside the speaker cabinets, which gave Kate and Mark an idea.

Mark carefully handcrafts each CatCab, finishing them with a multi-step process and sealing them with water-based polyurethane for easy cleaning. Each one is unique so finishes may vary slightly from photos.

We use the same sturdy hardware that's on regular speaker cabinets for the CatCabs: metal corners, non-slip feet and a handle on top for picking them up and moving them around.

Kate makes comfy cushions using stylish fabrics that coordinate with each CatCab, plus you get a bonus matching ModKicker cat toy!

CatCabs are the perfect place for music-loving cats to hangout in style.

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