Hauspanther Freeze-dried Raw Meal Topper Sampler MADE IN THE USA

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Not sure which of our Freeze-dried Raw Meal Toppers to try first? Here's a sampler with 1 oz of each variety!

Our toppers are made in the USA using US-sourced meat that’s freeze-dried to deliver top-quality nutrition with chelated minerals for improved nutrient absorption and bioavailability. Great for enticing even the pickiest eaters!

Sampler includes 1 oz of each variety:

  • Chicken Topper with heart-supporting taurine, an essential amino acid
  • Beef Topper with omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, DHA Gold and biotin for vibrant skin & coat
  • Elk & Venison Topper with prebiotics, probiotics and enzymes for soothing digestion

FEEDING GUIDELINES: Sprinkle over your cat's food with each meal. Feed as is or reconstitute with 2 tsp of warm water per tsp of topper.

0-20 lb cat • 1 tsp/day
20+ lb cat • 2 tsp/day

Each 1 oz. sample provides approximately 6 tsps.

Hauspanther Freeze-dried Raw Meal Toppers for Cats are manufactured in the USA for and distributed by Primetime Petz.

We are proud to source all of our meat and the majority of our other ingredients in the USA, with our beef and chicken coming from Texas farms. In the case of a handful of ingredients, our suppliers work with reliable companies in other countries who follow strict quality testing. We do not source any ingredients from China.

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