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Stylish finds for cats and the people who love them.

Modern Wall-hanging Cardboard Cat Scratcher - Brushed Steel

Modern Wall-hanging Cardboard Cat Scratcher - Brushed Steel


We've combined minimal, modern design with outstanding function in our wall-hanging cat scratcher. This unique wall-mounted cardboard cat scratcher allows you to position the scratching surface at just the right height to accommodate your cat's preferences. The sleek modern design will fit seamlessly with your decor while freeing up floor space.

Brushed steel brackets and aluminum knobs hold a sturdy cardboard scratching surface in place. Once kitty has thoroughly scratched the front, simply flip the cardboard around to extend the life of the scratcher.

The scratcher measures 11.75" tall by 5" wide and 2.5" deep. Hanging instructions and hardware included. All parts are made in the USA and assembled by hand in Phoenix, AZ. Sold exclusively by Hauspanther.

Download installation instructions